Year 2 had a wonderful trip to Blackpool Zoo. The children were excited to see all the animals. One of the highlights were the two otters, which played to their audience carrying pebbles and rolling them around. The children squealed with delight when they dived into the water to find more pebbles. The sealion show was another highlight. The sealions waved to the children and clapped their flippers to make the children clap. Just around the corner the penguins swam happily to please the children. They were inquisitive and swam to the glass which the children loved. Katie the elephant was enjoying being fed jelly cubes which apparently helps her nails.The children had their own favourite animals and we think we managed to see most. Potentially a very wet day but turned out better than expected. Thank you to our parent helpers who came along. Thank you also to all parents, as the children were well dressed and equipped for the wet weather. We were able to embrace the rain and enjoy the day fully.