In Science Year 2 have been studying 'Living Things and their Habitats'. We searched our school surroundings for anything living and found lots of insects and flowers. The children all got the chance to take an individual photo of their choice whilst on our search. The photos were collated together to create a college and the children used a photocopy of this sheet to draw and cut out leaf shapes to create a piece of art. The children then drew and cut out insects to add as a 3D dimension to their art. Their work is proudly displayed in our classroom as shown on the photos.

As part of our R.E. topic we have been looking at the faith of Islam. We took a trip to the Oldham Central Mosque on Featherstall Road and met Mr Rahim, who has been showing the children of Buckstones around the mosques in Oldham for many years! His interfaith knowledge amazed the children, as he explained how the muslims wash, pray and follow their religion in comparison to many other religions. The children were given the chance to sketch things in the mosque and take individual photos. Many of the children took a photo of the dome from the inside as they were mesmerized by it's size and beauty The children behaved beautifully and asked some amazing questions.

Well done Year 2 x