HL - Year 2

Hi Year 2, welcome to your Home Learning Page!

We have listed some Maths and English Games for you to share with your child over the next few weeks. They cover the basic skills that we have looked at during lessons this half term:-

1. Maths - 2 times tables and 10 times tables please:-


2. Maths - Place Value Charts. Try TU first and if confident try HTU:-


3. Maths - Shark Numbers. Try numbers upto 99, then numbers up to 999 for a challenge:-


4. English - Blast the Rocket - choose the past tense of a given word:-


5. Sancastle Quiz - find the correct spelling for the missing phoneme (quite challenging):-


We hope you have fun trying them!

Kindest Regards

Mrs Joyce, Mrs Kulczycki and Mrs Khan x